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Learn more about the MindCheck tool – a simple way to get a quick read on your emotional health and how you can improve it.

Life can be hard – daily stresses, life transitions, losses and an increasingly complex world might take their toll on us emotionally.

So how are you doing? What would your well-being barometer read these days?

The answer to that question is just as important to overall health as how you're doing physically. But how well do you know your wellbeing markers? You know to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, but how do you measure your wellbeing?

The MindCheck® online tool uses simple color coding to tell you how you are doing emotionally. Once you learn where you stand, find suggested next steps and resources.

The tool is available to you to use it any time. It's an easy, interesting and confidential resource that's free for you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Get started exploring MindCheck resources - online tools and information to help meet your specific needs and support the healthiest you.

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